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Our School Advisory and Parent Councils always need more members. Feel free to join us for our monthly council meetings. Both councils are comprised of the same dedicated few; whose members have families and also work. We also have great need of parents who would be able to commit to helping at our many other school and fundraising events. Parents can and do make a great difference and our students, your children, benefit from your efforts! 


Thank you to all the families of Thickwood Heights School for all of the support we receive throughout the year and as always, our doors are open for both concerns and compliments!







School Schedule



8:00: First Bell

8:05: Second Bell

11:20 - 11:40 Lunch

11:40 - 12:00 Lunch Recess

1:15 - 1:30: Afternoon Recess

2:40 Dismissal



Please consult your child’s teacher for Kindergarten schedule.



Monday—Friday a.m.        8:05—10:50

Monday—Friday p.m.        11:50—2:40


















Parent and Visitors to the School


We are pleased to have you participate in school activities and we offer thanks to all those who volunteer time assisting our students.

Please remember to Sign in and out at the office on each visit.




$45 Supplies Fee (This covers all the classroom supplies needed by your child for the school year.)

Fees may be paid by cash or cheque at the school office.


School Busing

All busing at Thickwood Heights School is user pay and must be paid for the full school year.

            Per student: $250.00


Each student will receive one bus pass.  If the pass is lost or destroyed, there will be a replacement fee of $5.00


Misbehaviour on the bus could result in students losing the privilege of riding on the bus.


Attendance and Tardiness


Regular attendance and punctuality are critical for academic success.  Some absences are unavoidable.  When students are absent, they miss valuable learning experiences that are crucial to developing the knowledge and skills they need for their grade level. Whenever possible, please let the school know well in advance of any planned absences. When your child is absent please let the school know by calling the school.


We encourage parents to take an active role in your child’s education.  We find that parents who join in school activities, help out in the school, or visit the classroom, give their child the feeling that education is important.



School Entrances


For the safety of all students, all outside doors, with the exception of the front door, will remain locked during the day. 

Each class has a designated entry door.  At the bell, teachers go to their designated entry and open the door and greet them to ensure safe entry.

If your child arrives late, they must enter through the front door and check in at the office for a late slip.

All outdoor footwear must be removed at the door.

All visitors must report to the office.




School Conduct Policy



Students of Thickwood Heights School are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct while attending school and also when acting as representatives of our school.  Students’ behaviour will not be permitted to interfere with the educational activities of others.  Should this occur, staff will follow a progressive discipline approach to work toward teaching proper behavior. At Thickwood Heights School we believe in Readiness, Respect and Responsibility!




Bullying is a pattern of behaviour which involves a desire to hurt, hurtful  action, a power imbalance, and an unjust use of power. 


It is typically repetitive and involves evident enjoyment by the aggressor and a sense of being oppressed on the part of the victim.


Bullying may result in suspensions, either in school or out of school, depending on the particular nature of the offense.



The following offenses are not tolerated and will be referred directly to administration:


Verbal Abuse

Fighting (including play fighting and wrestling)


Property Damage/Vandalism



Consequences may include but are not limited to:


  1. A series of classroom consequences developed by individual teachers.
  2. Detention time in accordance with late and/or unacceptable absences.
  3. In-School suspension (the day and length of time to be determined by Administration).
  4. Suspensions from one to five days, according to the nature and frequency of the offence (determined by Administration).


* Policies are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Principal.


Required Clothing


All grades require an extra pair of indoor non-marking shoes for gym use.

Appropriate outdoor footwear and winter clothing.


Dress Code


No hats worn in school (unless on special school events).

No offensive or inappropriate language or slogans on T-shirts.

Dress appropriately for school and the weather.


Playground Rules



Do not throw rocks, gravel, sand or snowballs

No fighting or play-fighting

No bike or skateboard riding on school grounds

Only leave the fenced in area with the permission of the teacher

Do not climb on the fences, trees or the side of the school.

Put garbage in the trash cans

Take turns on the equipment

Do not walk up the slides, or stand at the bottom, preventing others from going down

Only climb on things that were meant for climbing

Line up for class when you hear the bell ring.




All loaned textbooks are to be returned in the same condition that they were issued. Students will be required to pay for lost or damaged textbooks.



Student Valuables


Students, not the school, are responsible for items lost or stolen.  Items of value should not be brought to school. The school is not responsible for replacing electronics.


Cell Phones


Students are not permitted to use cell phones while in school or on the school grounds.  Although students may have a cell phone in their possession, it must be kept in a backpack, etc., and must be turned off and out of sight. They must not be brought out in the open or they will be confiscated for a period of time, which will increase for repeat offenders.


Lunch Hour


Students stay for lunch and must remain on school property. 


Hot Lunch and Breakfast Program


Thickwood Heights has a hot lunch program on designated days only.  If students would like to participate in the program, forms and money must be in by the due date—late orders are not accepted!

The school’s Breakfast Program provides nutritional snacks and drinks to students at no cost (part of our Apple School program) supported by our PAC.


The office WILL NOT be heating lunches.




Cameras are not to be used in the school building or on school grounds without teacher permission for privacy reasons.  This includes video cameras, iPad or phone cameras.



Please Remember:


Polite cooperation with all school personnel is essential.  Inappropriate language (swearing,    cursing or other hurtful remarks) to anybody in the school or in general conversation will not be tolerated.


All students have the right to attend school without being afraid or intimidated.  Harassment of any type (sexual, verbal or physical) and unwanted or inappropriate touching will not be tolerated.


Attendance is critical which includes being on time and prepared for each class.  Excessive lates may result in making up missed instructional time at lunch  time or after school.  Unexcused absences will result in In School Suspensions and detentions.


Hats must be removed when you enter the school. 


Clothing, book bags, etc. which  display inappropriate language,  slogans, pictures or symbols, or anything that might be considered offensive will not be permitted.


Bikes and skateboards are not to be ridden on school grounds.  Bikes must be locked in the bike racks.


Technology Use


  • Computers are for school related work.
  • It is your responsibility to safeguard your password.
  • Don’t download or install software, utilities, songs, games, etc.
  • Respect the work of others by:

                        -  not destroying data belonging to other students

-  respecting copyright laws.  Footnote information belonging to others.

  • Avoid inappropriate material and internet sites.  Immediately back out of inappropriate sites if they are encountered.
  • MSN Messenger, YouTube,  Instagram, Facebook, Piczo, chat lines,  and other similar sites are not to be used at school.



i)    I have a right to an education.                         

      It is my responsibility to listen, to learn, to practise, to complete school assignments and to graciously accept remedial assistance when necessary.  I will not disturb, disrupt, or interfere with the instruction of my teachers and/or the learning of fellow classmates.  It is my responsibility to come to class prepared with the necessary learning materials.

      It is also my responsibility to know and to follow Section 12 of the Alberta School Act (2000), which states:

Students shall conduct themselves so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

      a)   be diligent in pursuing their studies

      b)  attend school regularly and punctually

c)   cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services

      d)  comply with the rules of the school

      e)   account to their teachers for their conduct

      f)   respect the rights of others.

ii)   I have a right to be treated with dignity and respect in the school. It is my responsibility to treat others with honour and polite consideration.  For example, I will not laugh at, tease, or put down other students, staff or adults.

iii)  I have a right to hear and be heard in this school.

It is my responsibility to help maintain a calm, peaceful and quiet school.  For example, I will not interrupt, shout, or make rude noises when others are speaking.

iv)  I have a right to be safe and secure in this school.

It is my responsibility not to harass, threaten or harm others verbally, physically, emotionally, or sexually.

v)   I have a right to free expression in learning about myself and others.

It is my responsibility to learn about myself and others in this school.  I am free to express my feelings and opinions as long as I am not rude, disrespectful or violating the order of the school and/or personal and public property.

vi)  I have a right to be an individual.

It is my responsibility to respect others as individuals and not to treat them unfairly because they are of another race or religion, physically challenged, or because they think and act differently than I do.

vii) I have a right to privacy and to personal space.

It is my responsibility to respect the personal property of others, and to accept their right to privacy.

viii)  I have a right to assistance and support in learning self-control.

It is my responsibility to practice self-control and ask for assistance when necessary.  I will expect to be corrected when I abuse the rights of others, as they shall be corrected if my rights are abused.  No one will silently stand by and witness violation of personal rights.

ix)  I have a right to attend a clean and well-maintained school.

It is my responsibility to refrain from acts of vandalism, littering, and defacing of school property.  It is also my responsibility to report known acts of vandalism.

x)   I have a right to appeal any decision that affects me.

It is my responsibility to initiate any such appeal by first contacting the person who has made the decision.  Subsequent written appeals may be directed to the principal.

I can expect that all these rights will be mine as long as I am fulfilling all my responsibilities


APPLE SCHOOLS: Health and Wellness Guidelines

Purpose of a Health & Wellness Guideline:

To ensure there is a common application, language and understanding of nutrition in our school, resulting in a positive effect on health and academic achievement for all our students.


1) Celebration, Events and Holidays:

· Choose Most Often (80%) and Choose Sometimes (20%) food and beverages will be encouraged during all celebrations, events and holidays held at the school.

· Homemade items that are sent to school for classroom celebrations need to be NUT SAFE and have an ingredient list attached.

· One Choose Least Often (treat item) will be added to classroom celebration sign-up lists. Any additional items sent that fall into the Choose Least Often category will be sent home with the student.


2) Students Birthdays:

 · Thickwood Heights School will encourage non-food items such as pencils, erasers, stamps, or books in place of food items.

· Birthday Book Club: Parents and students can send a book (new or gently used) to school on their child’s birthday that they have chosen to give to the school library. A sticker will be placed in the book stating that it was donated by Name on behalf of Name’s birthday. This will also be recognized on a Birthday Book Club bulletin board in the library.


3) Food Served or Sold at School:

· Food and beverages served and sold in the school will be from the “Choose Most Often” (80%) or “Choose Sometimes” (20%) categories as outlined in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth. (Ex. Hot lunches, Family Fun Nights, fruit bowls, and Breakfast Program).

· Teachers who wish to use class incentives are encouraged to be creative in how they reward exemplary behavior, etc. Such things as an extra recess outdoors or a special activity in class are rewards that do not establish a food=reward connection in a child’s mind. Our school will encourage non-food rewards to reinforce daily behaviors.


4) Fundraising:

· To support student health and school health guidelines, school fundraising activities will include food that fits Canada’s Food Guide and the “Choose Most Often” food category according to the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.  In addition, school fundraising efforts are encouraged to promote physical activity. (Ex. Jump Rope for Heart, Family Fun Nights)

Choose Most Often:

Daily Snacks & Beverages

Fresh fruit or vegetables

(baby carrots, celery snack, apple wedges)

Cereal/Granola Bars

(Kashi, Kellogg’s Mini Wheats, Nature’s Path Crunch or Flax Plus, Quaker Chewy Bar)

Canned Fruit Cup (100% Juice)

(Del Monte, Dole, Eating Right)


(Triscuits, President’s Choice Blue Menu)

Fruit Sauce Cup

(Compliments. Dole Squish’ems, Eating Right, Great Value, Mott’s Fruitsation, President’s Choice)


(Plain Liberte Greek, Plain Lucerne Low Fat)


Dried Fruit Bars/Dried Fruit

(Sunrype- Fruit Source)

100% Real Fruit Juices

(Compliments, Del Monte, Great Value, Minute Maid, Oasis, Safeway, SunRype)

Fruit + Vegetable Snacks

(Del Monte Mini Fruit Twists, SunRype Fruit-To-Go, SunRype Fun Bites, SunRype Squiggles)


(Plain 2%, 1%, Skim, Milk to Go, Fortified Soy Beverage)

Nutri-Grain bars

(Kelloggs- Bite Size Granola Snacks)


(Real fruit, milk, plain yogurt)


(Lucerne String Cheese, Stringables)


*Taken from the Single Serving Packaged Food List; developed by Alberta Health Services Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists, 2012









Choose Sometimes:

Twice a Week Snacks & Beverages

Sweetened Dried Fruit

(Ocean Spray Craisins, Mangos)


(Kozy Shack– Chocolate, Original)

Granola Bar

(Quaker Oatmeal to Go, Compliments Chewy)

Popcorn (salted)


(Goldfish Baked snacks, Thinsations, Quaker Crispy Minis)


(Armstrong, Babybel, Kraft)


(Christie: Dad’s + Soft Baked, Crispy Delights, Teddy Grahams (honey), Arrowroot Cookies)


(Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Corn Flakes, Vector, Shreddies)

Flavoured Yogurt

(Tubes, YOP, Individual cups)

Chocolate Milk

(Reduced Sugar – 1%)




Apple Schools Resources and References


Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth


Alberta Health Services Single Serving Packaged Food List


Eating well with Canada’s Food Guide


Healthy School Fundraising


Healthy Snacking


Healthy U


Healthy U Food Checker


School Lunch Restaurant List


Snack Shack Manual


Ever Active Schools


Be Fit For Life Network







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