English Language Learners

Kurzweil Reader: Gives students the opportunity to listen to books and follow along. This can help students comprehend the material.

Rosetta Stone: is a fast and easy way to get your ELL students speaking, reading, writing and understanding English. Because Rosetta Stone is immersion-based, it can be integrated into bilingual, dual immersion or limited English proficiency programs.

Rosetta Stone stands apart because it focuses on ELL learners’ innate strengths. We all rely on our visual sense to understand the world, and that’s precisely where Rosetta Stone starts. It moves students through a carefully structured sequence of pictures, encouraging them to associate images they understand with words that they don’t.

Rosetta Stone works because that’s exactly the way we learned our first language. We call this Dynamic Immersion.

Our method works because it’s:

  • intuitive
  • interactive
  • visually engaging

With Rosetta Stone, your ELL students will never:

  • translate
  • memorize
  • see lists of words

Rosetta Stone gives students learning English the advantage of being immersed in the language from the moment they start using the program.