Learning Assistance Coordinator

Our Learning Assistance Coordinator (LAC)  allows students the opportunity to reach their full potential by helping teachers implement accommodations and modifications within their classroom. A few examples are listed below:

What is an Adapted Program? (i.e. accommodations)

A program is considered adapted when a student is doing the same grade level as the rest of the class, and is following the same program of studies as the rest of the class, but does it a bit differently because they have their own learning style.

 Some adaptations may include

  • having extra time to write an exam
  • having someone read the test questions for the student (reader)
  • having someone write down the answers for the student (scribe)
  • using a tape recorder
  • using a computer
  • using textbooks on tape
  • not having to do as many questions as others in the class
  • receiving extra time to finish assignments
  • using another student’s or the teacher’s notes
  • not having marks taken off for spelling mistakes
  • using a calculator; and/or
  • any other ways that can accommodate the way you learn

The list above describes changes in the way things are done, not in what is being taught. Changes like these make it ‘fair’ for the student because he/she learns differently. They do not give the student an unfair advantage over the other students. Being on an adapted program does not affect your letter grades

What is a Modified Program?

A program is considered modified when students are not working on the same grade level program of studies and covering the same outcomes; however, they are working on a program that is not at grade level. Some students with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder may not be able to do the same work as the others in their class, even with adaptations. In that case, changes need to be made about what is to be taught. All of the changes are written down in the IPP. When using a modified program, a student will not receive letter grades. Instead, he/she will receive comments about how well they are doing. Students on a Modified Program can also receive accommodations.