Every child from grades 1 to 6 has access to an iPad for regular classroom use in our school. Teachers use them as an integral part of the learning process in class. We know that they improve attention, engagement and ultimately performance for our students. 

Every classroom at Thickwood Heights is equipped with either a promethean or epson board and student computers. We have 60 chrome books and 30 Samsung tablets on carts that can be used throughout the day in the classrooms. Our students at Thickwood Heights use some form of technology on a daily basis. The school uses social media to enhance communication with parents, 100% of our students  grade 4 to 6 have GAFE accounts, we have a green screen, iographer, use Little Bits of Electrical Engineering kits, OSMO, iPad reflectors, Artsonia, and much more to enhance instruction and learning opportunities in the school.