Grades Taught



At Thickwood Heights School, students are challenged to reach personal excellence in a safe and caring environment. Life long learning is inspired through the development of academic, artistic, physical and social skills.

School Vision Statement

Our vision is a school climate where teachers and parents work together for the development of children through ongoing communication and involvement. Thickwood Heights School will:

  • educate all students through quality instruction, leading to personal excellence.
  • provide a creative climate that fosters freedom of expression in all disciplines.
  • promote personal wellness through daily physical activities, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • encourage positive social interaction through activities that recognize and celebrate responsible citizenship.
  • teach and reward students for positive behavior.

Thickwood Heights School Values

  • personal excellence
  • citizenship
  • communication
  • wellness
  • freedom of expression
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • readiness

Professional Learning Fridays

On PLF Fridays there are no classes for teacher Professional Learning. 

See the detailed Thickwood PLF plan for 2023/2024 Here


Supply List 2023-2024

All school supplies are covered by a $50.00 dollar school fee paid to the office.

Please ensure students come to school with a pair of indoor running shoes, a water bottle, backpack and lunch kit to bring back and forth each day.

Students are also recommended to have a full change of clothes in their backpack.