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General News

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Welcome to Thickwood!

Please review the Thickwood School Handbook for important information about our school, including upcoming dates and events. The "Monthly Newsletter" tab gives a quick snapshot of what is happening at the school each month.

Drop off and Pick up Procedures:

Because our parking for staff is limited, please avoid pulling into our staff parking lot. We realize that this can be especially hard for parents with young children other than the student they are dropping off; however, we do have parking in front of our school on Silin Forest Road and on Thicket Drive.

Please do not park in the bus loading zone in front of the school. 

Please pick up and drop off students outside of their boot room doors. Parents, we are trying to foster independence in our students, so please wait outside their boot room doors for them - both in the morning and at the end of the day.

We do not have staff on supervision until 7:50, so please do not drop them off before then (unless other arrangements have been made). Breakfast will be made available to students at 8:00 pm in the school. Students arriving earlier than these times should wait outside the respective door until the door monitors arrive. Students will be allowed to wait inside the doors on days when it is raining or below minus 24 degrees outside. Students should dress accordingly; planning that they will be outside until the doors open. Please remind your student to look both ways before crossing the road when they are dropped off and being picked up. 


Many children have allergies. Some allergic reactions can be life threatening. This medical condition is called anaphylaxis. Some children, for example, are severely allergic to nut products, including peanut butter. Even a tiny bit can be fatal within minutes.

Thickwood Heights School promotes peanut-safe schools. However, we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Avoiding Peanuts in Schools

We encourage all parents/guardians to send foods to school without nuts or nut products.

TIPS for Packing Peanut-safe lunches and snacks

READ all ingredient lists very carefully. Although some food product labels note may contain traces of peanuts, this information is not consistently provided by all manufacturers.

PREPARE FOOD SAFELY. Wash hands thoroughly and make sure that all cutting boards, food preparation utensils, counter tops and containers are clean and sanitized. Peanut residue can easily be passed on to other foods during preparation (e.g. don’t dip the knife used to spread peanut butter in the jelly jar).

TEACH children to wash their hands and faces well with soap and water before and after eating meals, both at home and at school. Remind them not to share their lunch and snack foods, utensils or food containers with classmates.

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